Sage 50 Payroll consultancy for Ballyvesey Holdings

Established in 1970, Ballyvesey Holdings Ltd is a privately owned parent company which has a wide range of trading subsidiaries. The group’s main activities are concentrated in transport and logistics, truck sales and aftermarket support, trailer manufacturing and spare parts sales, transport industry services, construction equipment sales and service and more recently property development, management and investment.

During an online Sage 50 Payroll awareness workshop for the Management Accountant team in the lockdown period, it was noted that the group had several separate databases held on separate licences. Ballyvesey Holdings have gone through a growth period in recent times and had acquired several companies who all processed their payroll via Sage 50 Payroll. After joining the group, each business continued to process their own growing payrolls individually using the same tax district reference number so it was suggested that they could merge the payroll databases into one to streamline and speed up their monthly payroll processing.

Over a period of 3 days on site, a new payroll database was created that would hold the merged payrolls. The existing databases were all exported to .csv and cleansed before importing them into the new company. The team took the opportunity to re-create the pay elements table and re-design their departmental structure to enable them to import their variable hours spreadsheet in future each month rather than input them all by hand and to enable Sage 50 Payroll to automatically create their rather complex Nominal journal each pay period in .csv format so that it could be imported into their accounting system automatically.

The first live payroll run was completed at the end of August 2020 using the new database. It was a huge success. Payroll processing has been reduced from 5 days per month to one day and creating the monthly payroll nominal journal has been reduced from 3-4 days to… nothing. Sage 50 Payroll now does it for them.

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