May 23, 2019

Sage Software

Softext Ltd are a premier Sage 50 Business Partner in the UK & Ireland and focus on providing and supporting Sage software for small and medium sized businesses.

Below are brief introductions and links to further information for the Sage software they provide and support.  Sage Accounts Training and Softext work together to provide the complete Sage 50 Solution across your product portfolio. 

Sage 50cloud Accounts Software

Whether licence or subscription and with many variants, Sage 50 Accounts software is the Number 1 software package for Small Businesses in the UK.  We provide and support all variants across the Sage 50 range and can provide options to enable you to run your business in an effective way whilst minimising the workload caused from an accounting perspective.

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Sage 50 Payroll Software

Software designed to pay your staff on time, manage all of the Personal and Company Tax implications all the way from small business to enterprise level.  Variations in this to manage Pensions and Payslips amongst other essentials needed in the Payroll process.

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Sage P11d Software

Linking in to the Sage 50 Payroll software (or working standalone), P11D is there to support your needs when it comes to completing P11D and any taxable benefits used by you and your staff throughout the tax year.  This software removes the need to complete lengthy forms and automates large parts of this process for you – ensuring compliance at the same time.

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Sage HR Software

Do you have staff?  How do you keep track of HR records, remain compliant and monitor disciplinary, leave and general employee housekeeping?  Sage 50 HR will help you in this process and support you in keeping staff records up to date and being able to, simply, keep track of your employees work history.

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Sage 50 Forecasting Software

Software designed to work with your accounts software to predict where your company will be in the next 1 year, 5 years or even 50 years down the line.  Designed for the forward planning Managing Director/Financial Director in the business – this will aide you in forecasting your business as accurately as possible.

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Sage One Software

Ideal for start ups and micro-businesses and able to digitally manage your accounts in a cloud-based system as well as pay your staff up to 15 employees.

Find out more about our Sage One training software

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